Tissue and Brain Slice Incubation/Recoding Chamber

Forward thinking design allows for enhanced versatility. Basic design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Not only will this chamber allow for long-term preservation of vital tissue, but it also has features that allow for multifunction implementation and use.

The chambers may be heated by a power supply (Optional), water bath (Not included) or by pump and heated water through the base (Pump and heater not included: requires slight modification). Please specify when ordering.

Oxygen is fed into the chamber into the bottom compartment, below the turret. The surface area of the turret collects most of the moisture while letting some moisture and all oxygen through to the individual incubation compartments. This prevents excess moisture from diluting the ringer solution. Some labs use artificial cerebrospinal fluid instead of double distilled water for the lower heating chamber. Both is suitable and work well.

The chamber is easily adaptable for electrophysiologic experiments. The cover opening allows for proper electrode approach angle when using a microscope. The rotating motion of the turret allows for the rotation of each individual incubation chamber to the recording environment. Once in place, the ground electrode is easily placed, and recording can proceed.

Turret design:
The turret design allows for each individual incubation chamber to be rotated to the cover window without removing the main cover for electrophysiological recordings, for loading with tissue slices or for transfer to a separate recording chamber. The incubation window opening cover easily swings out of the way or is removable. This prevents loss of moister and variations in incubation chamber temperatures.

The window is specifically designed for easy access to remove/place tissue and for introduction of recording and stimulating electrodes.

The tissue support nets are pre-assembled and separate from the individual incubation chambers. This allows for easy cleaning or rebuilding, if necessary.

Removable chambers:
Removable chambers allow for personal preference for loading the primary incubation chamber. The individual chambers can be loaded prior to insertion or loaded while in place I the primary chamber. Importantly, the separate individual incubation chambers allow for 4 individual conditions within the chamber, be it different tissue or pharmacological manipulation. Each individual incubation chamber is its own environment. The ability to remove the individual incubation chambers allows for super easy cleaning and sanitizing. All materials are resistant to alcohols and low molarity HCL acid.

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